Meat Piez

About Us

I came to Canada 30 years ago, landing in Calgary.  I tried every known pie I could from the super markets.  I was so shocked at what was on offer that I started making my own steak and kidney pies. I ended up giving them away as Christmas presents to my English friends who then provided feedback until I found the right taste and texture.

They were too dry at first as I put too much meat in, not wanting to be skimpy.  Finding the right balance was key to not having a dry pie or one with sludge in the bottom. 

After 20 years in Calgary I moved to Vancouver Island in 2009 and after a year renovating my house I had to find a way to meet people without hanging around in bars as English ladies do not normally do this. I contacted Vancouver Health and was told what was required to sell my pies at the Comox Valley Market, which are made in my legal Commercial Kitchen.

As no one seemed to fill the void for all the single, widow or widowers out there who didn't find any fun in cooking for one, I thought I would do it for them.

That is how I started. Now I have 11 meat pies to choose from and lots of fruit pies.  I have also supplied Denman Island General Store for more than 6 years.

My pies are all different because I make them by hand.  The filling is really important to me so thick pastry is out and filling is plentiful.  I have eye balled every pie that leaves my kitchen to make sure YOU get the best pies.