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Meat Piez is built on the foundation of good old fashion taste with no preservatives, additives, added salt or Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG).

Each pie has been hand crafted to the highest of quality, keeping in mind the majority of grandmothers and mothers who developed the taste and texture of times gone by.

Keeping the authentic taste of pies known across the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, Meat Piez was founded to fill this authenticity gap. Each piece of meat has been inspected and passed by our high grade manager. Only the leanest of meat is selected for quality, texture and ultimately: taste. In keeping with memories long past, the pie will time travel you back to loving memories of family and friends in the kitchen preparing each pie with love and skill.

Our Meat Piez

You will find the pastry melts in your mouth while the flavor burst open with each spoonful. We want you to savor the flavor with each bite and therefore our piez are not all crust or half an inch of pastry. Each pie is handmade for your delight, ensuring the quality standards your grandparents would applaud. Only fresh and the best ingredients are used. The only way to have a great pie is fresh from the oven with the gravy bubbling in the middle. This provides the full meal flavor as you open each pie.

We founded our business with an understanding of healthy choices and a genuine concern for those lacking time or ability in the pursuit of a flavorful meal.  

 You don't have to re-heat our pies, ours are just as you would have them, FRESH FROM THE OVEN IN YOUR OWN HOME.



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